Happy HOLI

Holi, the festival of Colors, is the time to celebrate victory of LOVE over HATE

Embrace the beauty of God’s creations, let go of grudges & lighten your WEIGHT

Let’s appreciate, be grateful for diversity of people and experiences God gave US

Like the different Colors of a rainbow with all their beauty enthral US

Forgive and forget, stay kind and loving as each moment is a gift and life is SHORT

Shower your love over each one who crosses your path & keep moving without any HALT

Life is beautiful when we journey together, care for each other and love for love’s SAKE

As you discover your purpose of life, finding co-travellers is like a cherry on the CAKE

Hate (H) out(O) and Love (L) IN (I) is what this beautiful festival of Colors always SIGNIFIED,

This HOLI let’s pledge to follow God’s path, spread Colors of love & live a life that is truly DIGNIFIED


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